• Can my piece be hung outside?
No! Extreme tempteratures can cause the glass to crack and moisture can cause the solder to oxidise, causing a white powder to build up!
  • What is the white powder on the solder lines?
White powder builds up due to water exposure from the cleaning process. If you notice white powder start to build up, take a q-tip with a tiny amount of baby oil and simply rub it off, but make sure to wipe off excess oil!
  • How should I hang my piece?
Please DO NOT use suction cups! Glass is HEAVY and suction cups can lose their grip and fall. I Suggest using a hook that is properly mounted or use heavy duty command hooks, I suggest using ones that hold 5+ pounds to be safe.
  • What happens if my piece breaks?
Please Dont Panic! If your piece breaks, contact me and I will fix it!
  • Is lead dangerous?
Yes, lead can be dangerous however, handling your piece wont hurt you. But please do wash your hands thoroughly after handling! All pieces contain lead in the solder, and some pieces are framed in lead.